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Student removals, not literally of course we are not suggesting removing students as such but helping them move to and from parents and student accommodation, our student removal services can certainly help you out of a tight situation, so we have been told.

Well of course we love students, as they are our future! So in return we offer “student discounts”, we are fully aware that you are predominantly all on tight budgets and we do not wish for you to have to put a further burden upon your own finances or to break the bank of Ma and Pa, so anyone of our services is on offer to you at a much reduced rate, now how do you like them apples??

Another student move offer we have to reduce costs further, (but this is subject to the quantity of items required for your student moves if you are willing to help us pack, then we can free up the passenger front seat for you in one of our vans, insuring you a free lift home!

It is good to note that if you are leaving halls of residence and or shared accommodation one of your fellow students maybe heading in a similar direction home, that being the case it maybe a good option to suggest sharing one of our student moves to cut your costs further!! And people say we don’t give anything away!

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