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Moving Flat within London can certainly be very different than moving from a house, not to say that there will necessarily be less to move, but subject to the age, design, layout, floor in which the flat or apartment is on… it can make flat removals a lot trickier than first assumed as there are a number of contributing factors that have to be taken in to consideration, for example when one of our flat removal specialists arrive to your property, they will not only asses your items to insure the best means to carry/transport them out of the building, as to be cautious and careful that no walls, ceilings… or door frames are scuffed, knocked or damaged during the process, as well as insuring to be just as considerate to your neighbours by being just as cautious when carrying your items through the communal areas, because in actual fact one of the biggest mistakes many flat removal companies make is exactly that – not to consider the neighbours, which can and usually does end up costing you the extra for repair.

Unsurprisingly the majority of flat/apartment owners have generally gone the more flatpack, ready to assemble furnishing route, and understandably so! And to be honest it does make flat removals that much easier, well you try carrying a solid wood dinning table up two flights of stairs negotiating with several bends and corners, it is generally not physically possible. However and as much as this pains me to say (only joking of course!), many of us moving flat or apartment, 70% of the time are up-scaling and a fair proportion of those up-scalers are moving into houses, so, baring that in mind, it is always important before moving and phoning up a flat removals company that you take this into consideration as it will not only save you many hours of intensive labour trying to reassemble your furnishings without the instruction manual at hand… when it could have quite simply have been picked-up, loaded onto the van and delivered intact at the other end but also because you may require a bigger removals van or lorry, so, be sure to measure the doorways and hallways… including ceilings heights… in relation to your individual items of furniture, taking into consideration the length, check to see if the item can get around a doorway, corridor… before deciding at the last minute what to do.

Actually while we are on the subject of flatpack, did you know that it was recently discovered that flatpack or ready to assemble furniture was not invented by Gillis Lundgren of IKEA back in 1951, well he certainly reinvented ready to assemble all-right, it was in fact invented over 200 years before Gillis by David Roentgen in the mid 18th century, how incredible is that!


Flat Removals London

Again we have created a checklist for your flat removal, because we don’t want you ending up in a mess on the floor, inevitably a number of these items will be no different from our house removals list, but looking from a tent perspective:


London Flat Removals


Two months to a month before your flat move:

  • Check your lease for information on notice periods, along with other items such as holding deposits, some of this maybe retained to pay for a professional cleaner, upon your departure, so certainly worth checking.
  • Finalise moving details with current and new landlord/letting agent. Be sure to ask if there are any restrictions, regulations or special parking arrangements for you and your removal company, for your moving day.
  • Insure to inform current and search for new doctors, dentists and so forth.
  • Contact your insurance, bank(s), loan… companies of change of address and dates.
  • Make sure before transferring or cancelling any telephone, internet, water, gas… supplier that they either cover the area you are moving to and or are the cheapest in that area, you maybe able to find yourself a far better deal.
  • Make a list of everyone from friends, family and work that you need to inform of your contact information changes.
  • Get hold or order through us good quality 3 ply moving boxes, packing materials and supplies.
  • Labels or different colour marker pens to mark up each box for each location of each room.
  • Get hold of the floor plans of your current property and the one you are moving too, to work out where you furniture will go and divide each area by colour to relate to your labels or colour coded box markings.
  • Go through all of your items starting in any storage cupboards or garden sheds to see what is worth keeping, chucking away or to give to charity.
  • Go through your fridge and freezer to use up all of your food stocks.
  • Cancel any to the door subscriptions such as magazines and newspapers, milk etc.

It is certainly worth checking through the list several times prior to your flat move, there are more recommendations on our house moving page to help you as a reminder of some of the most obvious things we generally forget to cancel or check.


Your Moving Day:

  • Hopefully you will have got everything pretty much packed and have arranged via us or through your letting agent for a professional cleaner to visit the property.
  • Finish any last minute bits of packing.
  • Take out any rubbish and check all the cupboards, wardrobes, under any furniture to be left behind, turn off the electric and gas by the mains and take metre readings.
  • Any important documents and or valuable items should be kept close by you and separate from the other items you are moving.
  • Check that all internal doors and windows are locked and that you have every set of keys you where given and or had cut.
  • Run through the final inventory checks with the letting agent and insure to take photo’s of areas they are suggesting might through up as a possible issue, and get them to give you a copy of their findings.
  • If you can try to arrange to meet the letting agent at the property a day before your flat move and go through the property with a fine tooth comb, just to cover yourself for the future…
  • And Finally, Enjoy your new home!

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If you would like to find out more tips and tricks prior to your flat removals then please don’t hesitate in contacting one of the only flat removal companies in London in the know, “US!”

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