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Self Storage and Collections in London

Looking to rent an individual storage space from 1 to 50 square meters, for only the time you need?

self storage

Store furniture for a relocation or renovation, warehouse and logistics or for business data and documentation.

Our self storage is the solution for a general lack of space for you or your company. It offers you the possibility to deposit the goods in a place accessible at all times, to storing your archives, stock, seasonal materials… pretty much anything and everything goes except for perishable goods, dangerous things such as toxic, corrosive, flammable, volatile or explosive items, to plants, live or dead animals, weapons and ammunition, and basically any items that may disturb or potentially harm other customers.

What is Self Storage?

Self storage is a means of storing your goods safely and securely at any time, it offers both individuals and private companies alike, a do-it-yourself solution to the lack of space and or storage currently available, especially if you are setting up business and haven’t a base or warehouse to work from as yet.

Hire our storage space purely for the the time you need. Inside our secure house, all boxes and containers are not only made of solid sheets of reinforced steel, bolted up and padlocked, but are also secured by our 24 hour CCTV and manned security. The parameter of the building is fully fenced off from the public and there is ample parking and access for all heavy goods vehicles.

If required we can combine your self storage with your Office, House, Flat or Student Move, if required we can collect your items, store them and deliver part or all of them to you at any given time!

Please contact us to find out more on: 0800 924 7424