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Professional Packing Services

Professional Packing Services London

As you are aware moving home, office or business cannot only be stressful, but difficult to organise, subsequently when we start to look around our surroundings, opening up and empty out our cupboards, draws, lofts, garages, sheds, offices etc. we, if inexperienced in the art of packing generally get overwhelmed and confused as to where to begin (which is surprisingly common), as well as being unsure what materials we should use to pack, what items should go where…. and this is before we then forget what we put into each individual bag, box and or storage container, increasing the risk of your items getting damaged upon transit, so if you want to prevent this from happening or just cannot be bothered doing the work yourself, we provide a professional packing service which insures everyone of your items is wrapped, boxed, packed, sealed and delivered in mint condition.


Box and Packing Service

How it works; we will send a team of professional packers to your home or place of work prior to your move (so be sure to contact us well in advance), they will asses each room and collate their findings. On the moving day, or packing date, the packing service team will delicately wrap, box, pack and label every item before strategically loading up the van or lorry, once they have reached your new address, the items will be placed in the rightful rooms and or locations making it easier for you to empty and get back on with your life.

The cost of this service starts at £25 per hour for one professional packer or £40 per hour for two, this cost does not include packing materials and this will be calculated on a case by case basis.

For the little extra cost of this service it can and has saved many individuals and families a lot of money, quite simply if you do not pack, load or wrap your items correctly they can and likely will get damaged.

Why not let your stress be ours! Call us FREE today on: 0800 924 7424 to find out more as to how our Professional Packing Services can help you!