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Office Removals

Office Removals

The three major goals for any office move is for it to be on “Time”, “Intact” and “Cost-effective”, and its our Know-how that TICKs all the boxes!

London Office Removals

Our office removals are very different from the norm, we may not be the biggest of Office Removal Company in London but this in fact is to your benefit, as we have to ensure that we go that extra mile so that you not only want to use us the once but recommend us time and time again.

Other benefits to our medium size and the way in which we operate means we can afford to be far more cost-effective than the majority of other office removal companies. As we are a friend and family run business, we utilise each others’ skills and attributes to cut out the costs and needs for a sales team, departmental managers, secretaries, accountants… so that we not only reduce our outgoings but are able to pass on these reductions to our customers!

London Office Removals

Office Removals London











Moving offices can certainly become a full time project within itself, with days, weeks and even months of planning, organising, booking… suppliers, removal companies, technicians and so forth, each requiring a multitude of different and customised office moves and business needs, which of course can make juggling a project like this rather tricky to measure, especially if you are either moving to smaller premisses with a number of large items, or a larger premisses with a very different layout, whatever the situation – there are many items which you will need to take into consideration, and we have made a list of these items to make your lives that little bit easier!

Office Movers

Office Removals Check-list:

  • It is advisable to obtain a floor plan of your current place of work and the offices you will be moving to. It will help you with orientation and layout.
  • Measure desks, printers, chairs, filing cabinets… to calculate the maximum area required for each item and for each individual, so for example, if you know that a room is 3 metres deep and a desk and chair stand out 2 metres deep, then can you put a printer directly behind that desk…
  • Once you have done your measuring, don’t start to look as to where the items should go as you will need to first locate all of the power and plugin points for the internet, telephones etc.
  • And finally when you have figured out the above, it can be extremely helpful to divide each area up by numbers and making a list as to what items are in that number. This will come in to play later.

Office Move Team:

It is always good getting the office to help out with the move, so:

  • Choose a employee to project manage a team and another to help them organise the others as well as being the back up person if anything goes wrong…
  • Divide the remaining employees into separate groups, one in charge of Computers, Printers, Networks, Providers, Data, Clients… and a team to carry out all the Equipment Testing! Obviously creating an organised plan for each of those teams to carry out.


This can be carried out well in advance of your office move to save further time and effort later on.

  • Mark up all of you individual cables and wires, so for example Analog ‘A’, Data cables ‘D’…
  • Individuals devices, computers, phones etc. should also have the individuals name attached to it as well as the new location the items will be moved too.
  • It can help speed up the unpacking process by utilising colours within the numbered areas of the floor plan, so for example if you have several filing cabinets or shelves to go into every area of the new office, then by giving each shelf or cabinet a different colour and have a corresponding box or boxes with the same colour… will help make it easier for all to orchestrate smoothly

Other Office Removals Recommendations:

  • On your dismantling/packing day, clean everything, most of your offices items from computers, chairs, desks, to kettles, fridges and bins, which have probably never been touched since the day they were installed, so take advantage of this time as it will potentially be another number of years before they get that treatment again, if at all. At the same time cleaning away dust from your computers can help the components from packing up.
  • As you are dismantling and cleaning each item, take note in order to creating a full inventory of all the equipment and items.
  • Always insure to keep a back-up of all of your important contacts and files on external hard-drives and a printed list of all of your major contacts and employees in case of emergencies or problems in accessing data…. Keep this on your person or at least separate from the items being moved.
  • Make a list of the items you will not be taking with you and consider if any are worth offering to the likes of the British Heart Foundation, who will not only be too pleased to take the items from you but will collect them for free.

And Finally!

It is certainly worth holding a meeting to run through a number of the above areas with your now teams, prior to your offices removal. Set up a dummy run through on each teams individual tasks and go through this step by step at least a couple of times well in advance of and days before your office removal.

Office Removals in London

office movers london











Of course every bit of care and attention is made in every move we make! Our personalised office removal services are tailored to work completely around your needs and requirements, the specialist and dedicated team appointed to carry out the operation will be specificity chosen based upon your needs and their hands-on experience, knowledge and know-how and where necessary qualifications for such tasks as re-wiring and connecting up office computers, VoIP and other integrated phone systems and much more, we are aware office moves can and generally do need that extra pair of hands in order to get up and running as quickly and as smoothly as possible, subsequently our office moves team can help you by work around the clock, through the night and by your guidance, 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help achieve given goals and time-frames.

So, why should you use our Office Removals Services? Quite simply because, you would be crazy not to!

Contact us now for an informal discussion on your office move on:  0800 924 7424