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House Removals

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House Removals

Believe it or not but moving home can be one of the most stressful events we may every encounter in our entire lifetimes, how crazy does that one statement actually sound? Well it is in fact second in the stress levels to getting divorced, personally I would rather just move home, it is more cost effective and less stressful!

All joking aside using the right house removal company does not have to be in the slightest bit stressful whatsoever, organisation is the key and we will help you by making it that simple, we can even pack everything for if need be. If you do however require our professional packing services, then please give us adequate notice preferably at least a week before your the date of your removal.

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As with any move, organisation and timing are key, so, one of the most important things to do well in advance of your house move, is to create a checklist. Now this maybe easier said than done, especially if you haven’t moved home for quite sometime as there are many things to consider and many of things we 9 times out of 10, forget about or forget to do, so to help reduce making these mistakes and to reduce your stress levels, we have compiled the following checklist below:

Home Removal Checklist:

It is always best to aim to get the following areas covered first and to at least get them out the way a month before your move. Surprisingly in most instances these are the main things many of us leave until last minute.

  • Get yourself boxes, but not any old box will do, don’t forget these could have very heavy items inside packed on top of each other, therefore you really want double ply boxes for extra security.
  • Labels are always helpful to not only remind you what is in the box, but where it is to go and or who it belongs to, marker pens can work just as well!
  • And don’t forget packing material, you can never have too much, do not under estimate the quantity you may require and if you have more than you need then use it for extra safety, it will cost you less in the long run than having to replace a broken item.
  • Go through the areas of the house, inside and out, that you use for storing, such as garages, sheds, lofts, cellars/basements, spare rooms…. go through everything in order to have a good old clear out of the unwanted items, you do not want to pay for another lorry to transport old toot.

Again it is best to get cracking on contacting, arranging and or re-arranging the following a month before your move.

  • Gas and electric suppliers, inform them of your move however you may also want to take a look at a comparison website to see who is offering the cheapest deal in the area.
  • Water supplier, again you will want to cancel your current contract and find out who the new supplier will be.
  • Council tax, be sure to switch this obviously, but also look at the local land-registry or council website for council tax bracket’s and charges as you certainly do not want to be overcharged…!
  • Telephone, fax, broadband and Cable. If your house move is local then you maybe able to keep the same phone number and providers, however it is always best to check if your current provider(s) does cover that area.
  • TV license, this can be easily forgotten about when organising the above.
  • Make sure you have informed any Bank, Store, Loan, Pension, Savings, Share… company and the Inland Revenue and Passport Office of your change of address.
  • Cars – insure to contact the DVLA to transfer the registered keepers address, inform insurance, breakdown service and if you do require a parking permit for your new residence, order one in advance.
  • Change Doctors, Dentists, Opticians, Schools and inform any related insurances you may have taken out to cover these. You can also us review sites to find out more on the surgeries and practices in the area.
  • Make sure to inform your friends, family and work of your new contact information, via email and or letter, in fact many people nowadays us card printing companies to make a personal home address card to hand out…
  • If you have any local or to the door subscriptions such as with the post office, gym, magazine or supermarket, get this all changed.

A few weeks before your move you will more than likely want to discuss some the above transfers with the current residence of your new home. Re-confirm with your utility suppliers, dates, addresses and so forth for both new and old properties.

Also don’t consider going food shopping until you have completely emptied your fridge and freeze!

In the final weeks leading up to your house removal:

  • Make your keys ready available for your sale or letting agent and insure the keys are ready and available for your new home, but check all keys have been given for such things as windows, padlocks, sheds… and if there is one, get the alarm details.
  • Changing the locks. You may not be able to find out which locks you require without removing the front and back doors locks prior to your move, however it is always advisable to change these as soon as possible.
  • Always put your valuables and important documents in a safe place, preferably nearer you separate from the items you are moving or have them on your person.

House Removals London

Other essentials to either have on your person or in the car:

  • Cleaning spray(s) and kitchen towels.
  • Toilet rolls
  • A touch and or light bulbs as long as you know exactly the type you require.
  • Bottles of water
  • Hand wash, shower gel, toothbrushes and toothpaste and towels.
  • Rubbish bags and anti-bacterial wipes
  • A small selection of tools, such as a screwdriver to remove and replace your door locks.
  • Mobile, laptop, home phone…. chargers
  • And of course a kettle along with the trappings tea, coffee….


A day or two before your move, go back through the list again, check all boxes have been appropriately labelled, all suppliers have confirmed back, that you have all of your keys ready to hand over and that you have written down any gas, electric and or water metre reading!

We hope all of our advice will help you with your London house removal!


By booking us you maybe considering storing your items over night or for a few days prior to your move or  just to make life that bit easier, more families when using our London house removals have used this service and in many cases have pretty much got everything away ready to go except for theirs and their children’s blow-up beds and a couple of days worth of clothing, this way we are able to coordinate your move that much better and are able to start unloading and unpacking your items into your new property before you even get there yourselves. How relaxing does that sound!


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