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About Us

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Our Story

We set up business over 11 years ago after having moved our family friends on their shoestring budget from their apartment in East Dulwich to their new home in the West End of London, a few friends and I offered to help with the move, and as you can image with our fear of potentially damaging our friends’ years of sentimental items in transit (and with the added fact we were dealing with, lets say a rather stern friend), our meticulously attention to detail was by no means impeccable. We made sure to measure the items and calculate the cubic capacity we need before hiring the vehicle, making sure that not one item was incorrectly wrapped, packaged, boxed or placed, I reckon that if a nuclear bomb had gone off not one item would have moved out of place or been damaged. Anyway they were so pleased with the move that unknowingly to us (and despite the fact we were all in permanent jobs at the time) we were recommended out by our friends to their friends, which surprisingly, through their networking generated a vast amount of interest, requesting our services.


Our Story

Having originally kept our full time jobs we decided to work the weekends for the extra money, picking up and delivering peoples’ items, literally doing back to back removals from first thing the Saturday morning to last thing on the Sunday night, with those happy customers recommending us furthermore, it was literally like an overnight pyramid effect, one person tells three people, those three people then tell others and so on, we basically had more potential customers than we had time in the day, well the weekend at least, so it was then jointly decided to set up Best Van and Man Ltd, and since that day we have never looked back.

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