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The Eco-Friendly Removal Company

Now even I have to admit that being “environmentally friendly and green” is certainly open to more than one interpretation and is subsequently used by many brands and companies to promote their goods and services, such as eco-friendly cars, that in actual fact create more CO2 emissions in the production and life usage than a standard car. Inevitably this is down to a number of given factors, but you would have thought that if you were to make something to be environmentally friendly, every step in the production and development would be as environmentally friendly too. Fortunately, though still not an exact rule of thumb the International Organisation for Standardisation have developed principles and procedures to certify if something is actually eco-friendly or not.

London Removal Company

London Removal Company

Now as you can image being a removal company it can be rather difficult while driving big fuel guzzling vehicles to keep our energy usage down, wrong! There are many ways that we can and have reduced our emissions to help our environment (so far). Everything we have chosen to use for our removal services have had the best intentions and with the environment at the forefront, Removal Companyso for example in our office we only use energy saving low pollutant light-bulbs and only use them if it gets dark inside, we turn off our computers when we are not using them or if we can simply share the same device we do so, we use recycled papers or at least paper from sustainable forests and avoid printing and or faxing at all costs, even our fridge has an energy efficient/saving wall socket. Our Removals, Courier Services and Man and Van vehicles have been specifically chosen for not only their low impact on the environment but also because of the energy used in building them, beyond this we ensure to drive extremely sensibly which inevitably keeps the fuel consumption lower as well as your items intact, making sure not only that our vehicles are in tiptop condition which again helps, but we continually check our tire treads and air pressure to further reduce our emissions. We use as much natural packing materials as we possibly can, unfortunately many natural alternatives for some of the materials we use are no way near as good and or reliable, so when using a manufactured product we not only make sure the item is long lasting, but could also be recycled into other items and products, such as insulation and carpet underlay. Even our movers do their bit when they can by making or bringing with them their food and drinks supplies for the day, to further cut down the number of unnecessary journeys and in turn pollutant gases into the atmosphere.

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A Removal Company That Cares!

We really have spent quite sometime looking into how and what we can do to lower our CO2 emissions furthermore and we continue to do so, therefore if you have any ideas you would like to share with us, please do tell!

We are not suggesting that we are the most perfect eco-friendly company in the planet or are falsely labeling ourselves as eco-friendly just as a money spinner or publicity/advertising stunt, and we are not regulated by the International Organisation for Standardisation which I do not believe any removal company or man and van business is, it is purely for the reason that we do genuinely care and want to help! Not just for ourselves but our children’s futures too. And hopefully by you reading this in turn you will also (if you haven’t done so already) look to find ways to make those little but necessary changes!

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